Cristiano Ronaldo breaks another record on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks another record on Instagram.

There is no doubt that Portugal’s international and al nassr cristiano ronaldo forward popularly known as Cr 7 is the goat.

Recently Cristiano Ronaldo became the first athlete to break the world record of the most followers on Instagram by reaching 600 million followers. Instagram is a social media platform owned by Facebook that is used by models, influencers, athletes, musicians, and content creators for sharing photos and short videos.

This proves that cr 7 is influential on the pitch and off the pitch, which makes the higher earned per post on Instagram. Apart from football, cristiano ronaldo participates in other activities such as parenting, charity, brand ambassadors, and other Sponsered deals.

In conclusion, whether you believe it or not that Cristiano Ronaldo is the goat. For what he has achieved so far, it will be difficult for any other athlete to break his records.



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