2023 FIFA women’s world cup round of 16

2023 FIFA women’s world cup round of 16

World cup round of 16 involves top two contenders performing teams in the world cup group stages. Out of eight group stages top two teams are selected respectively, to make a total of sixteen teams. These include the following teams:

  1. Group A – Switzerland and Norway.
  2. Group B- Australia and Nigeria.
  3. Group C- Japan and Spain.
  4. Group D- England and Denmark.
  5. Group E -Netherlands and USA.
  6. Group F -France and Jamaica.
  7. Group G- Sweden and South Africa.
  8. Group H – Colombia and Morocco.

Round of 16 fixtures (1/8 finals)

Switzerland vs Spain.

Netherlands south Africa.

Japan vs Norway.

Sweden vs USA.

Australia vs Denmark.

France vs Morocco.

England vs Nigeria.

Colombia vs Jamaica.



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